General information


The Department of Applied Statistics was founded on 7th June 1978 in the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev for preparation of specialists in the area of applied statistics and applied stochastic analysis. The Probabilistic-Statistical Methods Laboratory was created under the Department of Applied Statistics for implementation of actual research scientific works in this area.

The department prepares bachelors, specialists, Masters of Science, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) and Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) in the field of applied statistics and computer technologies on preparation directions: system analysis, social informatics, applied mathematics and informatics. The Department of Applied Statistics is a issuing department.

Teaching staff of the department consists of Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Eugene A. Lebedev, Associate Professors, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) Irina V. Rozora, Alexander S. Slabospitsky, Alexander A. Chechelnitsky, Myhaylo M. Sharapov, Assistant Professors, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) Igor A. Makushenko, Hanna V. Livinska and part-time Full Professors, Doctors of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Pavlo S. Knopov, Mykhaylo M. Savchuk. Collective is headed by a Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Eugene A. Lebedev. Support of educational process is carried out by educational-auxiliary personnel of the department: Engineers of 1 category Alla B. Poliv’yana and Vita V. Mitsinska.

Department educators conduct studies for students of the Faculty of Cybernetics on normative disciplines and special courses of probabilistic-statistical profile and their applications in the area of economics, finances, insurances et cetera. Two teachers of the department have diplomas of actuaries which are given out Institute of Actuaries (London), four scientific researchers of Probabilistic-Statistical Methods Laboratory got base preparation on financial & actuarial mathematics and have certificates of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The graduating students of the Department of Applied Statistics have a reputation as highly qualified specialists and work in the leading universities, research institutes, financial and banking establishments, computer firms, state institutions, commercial firms in Ukraine and abroad. They hold leading positions and come forward as experts, consultants, system analysts, developers of hi-tech objects and systems with the use of the modern computer technology.