General information


The Department of Applied Statistics was founded on 7th June 1978 in the Faculty of Cybernetics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev for preparation of specialists in the area of applied statistics and applied stochastic analysis. The Probabilistic-Statistical Methods Laboratory was created under the Department of Applied Statistics for implementation of actual research scientific works in this area.

The department prepares bachelors, specialists, Masters of Science, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) and Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) in the field of applied statistics and computer technologies on preparation directions: system analysis, social informatics, applied mathematics and informatics. The Department of Applied Statistics is a issuing department.

Teaching staff of the department consists of Professors, Doctors of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Irina V. Rozora, Alexander A. Voina, Associate Professors, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) Alexander S. Slabospitsky, Mykhailo M. Sharapov, Hanna V. Livinska, Vadym D. Ponomarov, Assistant Professor, Ph. D. (Physics & Mathematics) Igor A. Makushenko, and part-time Full Professors, Doctors of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Pavlo S. Knopov, Mykhaylo M. Savchuk. Collective is headed by a Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics) Eugene A. Lebedev. Support of educational process is carried out by engineers Olga V. Kucherenko, Vita V. Rudchenko.

Department educators conduct studies for students of the Faculty of Cybernetics on normative disciplines and special courses of probabilistic-statistical profile and their applications in the area of economics, finances, insurances et cetera. Two teachers of the department have diplomas of actuaries which are given out Institute of Actuaries (London), four scientific researchers of Probabilistic-Statistical Methods Laboratory got base preparation on financial & actuarial mathematics and have certificates of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The graduating students of the Department of Applied Statistics have a reputation as highly qualified specialists and work in the leading universities, research institutes, financial and banking establishments, computer firms, state institutions, commercial firms in Ukraine and abroad. They hold leading positions and come forward as experts, consultants, system analysts, developers of hi-tech objects and systems with the use of the modern computer technology.

History of Department of applied statistics

In the second part of twentieth century computerization of all fields of human activity forced applied mathematicians to research in more details problems of uncertainty and diversity analysis. Major part of real life objects and systems has stochastic nature of their operation. The more complex is the behavior of the system, the more actual is the application of probabilistic and statistical methods for its modeling. All the above aspects were completely clear for the founder of the national cybernetics, academician Glushkov V.M.

As a logical result of actual problems existence was a creation of Department of applied statistics at Faculty of Cybernetics of Kiev State University of Taras Shevchenko in June 1978. The first lecturers of department were: professor Anisimov V.V., associate professors Girko V.L., Donchenko V.S., Zakusylo O.K., Popov Y.D., senior lecturer Mudrak N.V., assistants Bezditny T.P., Gavrilyuk I.P., Kowalski I.P., Lughnih V.M. Department was headed by a famous scientists Anisimov V.V. who defined areas of perspective researches.

The area of scientific researches of the Department of applied statistics was formed under the influence of scientific schools of the world famous Ukrainian scientists Hnyedenko B.V., Ermolev Y.M., Kovalenko I.M., Koroliuk V.S., Skorokhod A.V., Yadrenko M.I. and was closely associated with them. Department becomes the motherhood of a new powerful scientific school of applied statistics and applied probabilistic analysis from the first years of its existence.

A lot of famous scientists where working at the department from the early years:

A lot of talented lecturers where working at the Department of applied statistics at different years:

Professor Anisimov V.V. with his pupils (early 80's). From left to right: Preobrajenska I.V., head of Department Anisimov V.V.; are standing: Chernyak O.I., Sereda V.I., Voyna O.A, Lebedev E.A., Situk. V.M., Lykashyk L.I., Yurachkivskij A.P., Pooshkin S.G.

Department of applied statistics traditionally pays a lot of attention to teaching own scientific staff of the highest qualification. Many students and postgraduates of the department have become famous specialists in different areas of applied mathematics, have headed other departments and organizations both inside and outside of the University, including foreign institutes and universities. Among them are professor, doctor of science Voyna O.A., head of Department of quantitative methods, Faculty of economics and management, Koshalin polytechnic university (Koshalin, Poland), professor, doctor of science Chernyak O.I. head of Department of economic cybernetics, Faculty of economics, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

In 1998-2002 after professor Anisimov V.V. has left Ukraine the Department was headed by professor Donchenko V.S., who was an associated professor at the Department in 1978-1987 and a full professor from 1993 (later as professor of Department of system analysis and decision making theory).

In 2002 Department of applied statistics was headed by associated professor Lebedev E.A. (from 2007 - professor). Under his supervision, a lot scientific researches in the area of analysis and optimization of stochastic models of network structure were started. Scientific stuff of the Department works on "Analysis and optimization of stochastic systems with repeated calls" project supported by State fund of fundamental research. Connections with Universities of Bonn and Bielefeld (Germany) have transformed into common projects on asymptotic analysis of stochastic systems.


Former Head of the Department of Applied Statistics, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine Anisimov V.V. introduces his new scientific results and news from Great Britain (April 2007).

Scientific connections

Department of applied statistics has close connections with department of mathematical methods of operation research, Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (head of department - professor Knopov P.S.), department of mathematical methods of information security, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (head of department - professor Savchuk M.M.), department of theoretical and applied statistics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (head of department - professor Yeleyko Y.I.).

Scientific studies of the department have always been a point of interest of a wide audience of Ukrainian and foreign scientists. Stuff of the Department of applied statistics takes active participation in international projects, congresses, conferences and symposiums. Numerous studies were published in foreign magazines and proceedings of international conferences.

In 1998-2001 Department of applied statistics took part in INTAS project in collaboration with scientists from Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Canada, Russia and Belorussia. Department has a very close connection with The University of Silesia (Poland). Lecturers of Department of applied statistics were delivering lectures on queueing systems course for students of this institution (professor Lebedev E.A., associated professor Chechelnitsky O.A.).

In 1998 and 2001 under collaboration with Technological university of Compiègne (France) the stuff of the department (professor Lebedev E.A., associated professor Chechelnitsky O.A., assistant Livinsk H.V.) presented their studies on the conferences on actual problems of applied statistical models and data analysis theory.

Department has long-term connections with department of statistics and operation research, University of Madrid (professor Artalejo J.R., Spain), department of econometrics, University of Amsterdam (professor Tijms H.C., Netherlands), department of mathematics, Technological university of Lisbon (professor Ramalhoto M.F., Portugal), department of probability theory, University of Moscow (professor Falin G.I., Russia), department of probability theory and mathematical statistics, The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (professor Bocharov P.P., Russia), laboratory of applied probabilistic analysis, Belarusian State University (professor Dudin O.M.).

Effective cooperation of Department of applied statistics and University of Bonn (professor Albeverio S., Germany) was developed. Many researches on asymptotic analysis of stochastic networks were made during development of the international project "Mathematical models of economics risk" (grant DFG 2002-2006) in collaboration with this university. These researches were proceeded in a new project "Asymptotic analysis of random flows and networks" (grant DFG 2007-2009).